Lesson 31 ª









Despite all we have said about grooming, we can also be a part of the hygiene of our cat.

When we pick a small cat from the streets, it is advisable for us to bathe it to remove all its dirt. However, we need to know how to do this:

This cat was adopted in summer. We need to bathe it in a closed room to keep its natural temperature.

-warm water

-room with heater

-dry it thoroughly before letting it out of the room in which we bathed it.

If it's summer, all we need is a towel. On the other hand, if it is winter, we will need a hair drier.

We shouldn't bathe them too often. Every six months would be convenient. This would coincide with its hair shedding/moulting.

As we have mentioned before, cats have some glands they use to impregnate people and things with their own smell. If we bathe them too often, we will interfere with this process of marking, which is quite important in their behaviour.

Only in cases of a lesion (indicated by the veterinary), we need to use specific shampoos several times a week.

We need to use specific shampoos which won't harm their skin.

If our cat keeps itself clean, there is no need for us to bathe it.