Lecc 1ª What do we understand as divisibility?
Lecc 2ª Divisibility
Lecc 3 ª Prime Numbers and Compound Numbers
Lecc 4 ª Calculating Every Prime Number there is between the first 209 natural numbers
Lecc 5ª Breaking a number down in prime factors
Lecc 6ª How to save time when trying to find out if a number is prime or not?
Lecc 7ª Common Denominators
Lecc 8ª Highest common denominator
Lecc 9ª To find the H.C.D. for several numbers, we take the common factors with the lowest exponent
Lecc 10ª Solutions for exercises of points studied so far
Lecc 11ª Another method for calculating the H.C.D.
Lecc 12 ª How to calculate the H.C.D. for more than three numbers using the multiple divisions method
Lecc 13 ª How do we calculate the lowest common multiple?
Lecc 14 ª How do we calculate the L.C.M. for more than three numbers?
Lecc 15 ª How do you calculate the lowest common multiplier using the method of successive divisions?