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Course 2 of Access

Advanced Introduction to Data Base Relationships

TOPIC 1 - Introduction

CLASS 1.Advanced Introduction to Data Base Relationships

CLASS 2. Problems with simple Data Bases.

CLASS 3. Introduction to Data Base Relationships

CLASS 4.Planning Data Bases.

TOPIC 2 - Creating a DB Relationship.

CLASS 5.Introduction to the creation of a DB Relationship.

CLASS 6. Designing a Data Base with Multiple Tables.

CLASS 7. Creating a table.

CLASS 8. Types of Data

CLASS 9. Field properties

CLASS 10. Indexes based in several fields

TOPIC 3- Creating a DB Relationship.

CLASS 11. Advanced Introduction to Data Base Relationships

CLASS 12. Types of Relationships:

TOPIC 4- Creating Relationships.

CLASS 13. Introduction to Creating Relationships:

CLASS 14. Creating Relationships

CLASS 15. Creating Relationships II

CLASS 16. Managing Relationships

CLASS 17. Managing Relationships II

TOPIC 5- Managing Records in DB Relationships

CLASS 18. Introducing Data

CLASS 19. Editing Records

CLASS 20. Managing Fields in different Tables

TOPIC 6- Forms

CLASS 21. Introduction to Forms

CLASS 22. Creating Forms

CLASS 23. Managing Forms

CLASS 24. Design View for Forms

CLASS 25. Design View for Forms II

TOPIC 7- Queries

CLASS 26. Queries for multiple Tables

CLASS 27. Design View for Queries

CLASS 28. Advanced Properties of Queries

TOPIC 8- Queries with Mathematical Operations.

CLASS 29. Calculating Fields

CLASS 30. Calculating Fields II

CLASS 31. Calculating on Tables

CLASS 32. Calculating on Records

CLASS 33. Calculating on Records II

TOPIC 9- Advanced Queries on DB Relationships

CLASS 34. Creating Queries in Design View with several Tables

CLASS 35. Managing Table Combinations

CLASS 36. Creating a Query from another one

CLASS 37. Action Queries

TOPIC 10- Filters

CLASS 38. Filters

TOPIC 11- Reports

CLASS 39. Report Wizard I

CLASS 40. Report Wizard II