CLASS 1. Introduction to Total Quality

CLASS 2. Total Quality

CLASS 3. Enterprise Environment

CLASS 4. Results from a Total Quality System.

CLASS 5. Production and costs with quality

CLASS 6. Motivation for Employees. ISO 9000.

CLASS 7. The Four Dimensions of Total Quality

CLASS 8. Quality Planning and Strategy.

CLASS 9. Environment Analysis

CLASS 10. Orientation towards the Internal and External Client

CLASS 11. Benchmarking

CLASS 12. Change Management

CLASS 13. Planning

CLASS 14. The Planning Process

CLASS 15. Strategic Plan

CLASS 16. Quality Organization. The Enterprise Structure.

CLASS 17. The Organization: Integral Focus

CLASS 18. Integrated Management for Linking Points.

CLASS 19. Human Resources and Total Quality

CLASS 20. Leadership

CLASS 21.Human Resources Management in Total Quality.

CLASS 22. Quality Control: a constant improvement.

CLASS 23. The Definition of Standards.

CLASS 24. Control Systems

CLASS 25. Control Systems (II)

CLASS 26. Graphic Control

CLASS 27. The Seven Tools Of Quality

CLASS 28. Comparing Results

CLASS 29. Summary and Conclusion

CLASS 30. Total Quality Strategy. Integrated System.

CLASS 31. Bibliography



Professor Alvaro Rojas and Doctor Stefan Pasternak