Lesson 1 The Group
Lesson 2 Characteristics of the group. Common objectives
Lesson 3 Characteristics of the group. Unity
Lesson 4  Characteristics of the group. Rules
Lesson 5 Characteristics of the group. Integration of the Coordinator
Lesson 6  Empathy
Lesson 7 Advice for the group coordinator
Lesson 8 What are group activities?
Lesson 9 Using games to group activities
Lesson 10 Initial games
Lesson 11 Techniques
Lesson 12 Introducing yourself
Lesson 13 Interviews
Lesson 14 Dynamics of integration
Lesson 15 Gorilla, giraffe, elephante
Lesson 16 Gorilla, giraffe, elephante cont.
Lesson 17 Secret Friend
Lesson 18 Street, avenue
Lesson 19 Dynamics of communication
Lesson 20 Communication
Lesson 21 Dynamics
Lesson 22 What do you think?
Lesson 23 Debates for or against
Lesson 24 Small Aeroplanes
Lesson 25 The Accordion