Course 1 of Access


CLASS 1.Introduction to Access

CLASS 2. The database design environment


CLASS 3. Creating the first table I

CLASS 4.Creating the first table II: Adding new fields

CLASS 5. Creating the first table III: Field properties

CLASS 6. Creating the first table IV: Adding description to a table:

CLASS 7. How to modify a table structure I: (Introduction)

CLASS 8. How to modify a table structure II

CLASS 9. Saving our tables I:

CLASS 10. Saving our tables II:

CLASS 11. Introducing data in our tables I:(Introduction)

CLASS 12. Introducing data in our tables III:

CLASS 13. Editing registries:

CLASS 14. Learning to use tables: (Searches I)

CLASS 15. Learning to use tables: (Searches II)

CLASS 16. Learning to use tables:(Searches III)


CLASS 17. Queries I: (Introduction)

CLASS 18. Queries II : (Simple queries)

CLASS 19. Queries III: (Multiple queries)

CLASS 20. Managing queries


CLASS 21. Reports I: (Auto-report in columns)

CLASS 22. Reports II: (Auto-report in tables)