Lesson 1 The Present
Lesson 2 The Present functioning as the Future and the Past
Lesson 3 The Past Tenses
Lesson 4 The Past Simple (Präteritum)
Lesson 5 The Present Perfect (Perfekt)
Lesson 6 The Past Perfect (Plusquamperfekt)
Lesson 7 The Simple Future (Futur I)
Lesson 8 The Future Perfect (Futur II)
Lesson 9 Consecutio Temporum
Lesson 10 The Use of the Verbal Mood
Lesson 11 Possibility (Möglichkeit)
Lesson 12 Desires & Unreality
Lesson 13 Exhortations and Requests
Lesson 14 Indirect Style
Lesson 15 The Attribute (das Attribut)
Lesson 16 The Attribute (cont.)
Lesson 17 The Cases (Introduction)
Lesson 18 Uses of the Accusative
Lesson 19 Uses of the Dative
Lesson 20 Prepositions with Dative or Accusative
Lesson 21 Prepositions with Dative or Accusative (cont.)
Lesson 22 The Infinitive as part of the Sentence
Lesson 23 Different types of Declensions
Lesson 24 The Weak declension
Lesson 25 The Mixed Declension
Lesson 26 Noun Genders
Lesson 27 Passive Voice
Lesson 28 Passive Subjuntive
Lesson 29 The Verbs
Lesson 30 Reflexive Verbs (cont.)
Lesson 31 Verbs with Prefix
Lesson 32 Word Construction (Wortbildung)
Lesson 33 Compound adjectives and verbs
Lesson 34 Nouns
Lesson 35 Spelling
Lesson 36 Commas
Lesson 37 Commas (cont.)
Lesson 38 Complex Sentences
Lesson 39 Position of the Subordinate Clause
Lesson 40 Abbreviations