Word Press Course









Less 1ª Why WordPress and how do you get a copy?
Less 2ª Getting Started
Less 3 ª First Configuration: General Settings
Less 4 ª First Configuration: Permalink Settings
Less 5ª Creating a Post
Less 6ª Editing a Post
Less 7ª Managing Categories
Less 8ª Managing Tags
Less 9ª Creating and Editing Pages
Less 10ª Adding images to Post and Pages
Less 11ª More on images in Posts and Pages
Less 12 ª Adding videos to Posts and Pages
Less 13 ª Setting up Comments, more first configuration
Less 14 ª Overriding comments on individual Post and Pages
Less 15 ª Moderating Comments
Less 16 ª Managing Users
Less 17ª First Look at Themes: Changing Themes
Less 18 ª Adding New Themes
Less 19 ª A first Look at Plugins
Less 20 ª Akismet: Protecting your comments fron spam
Less 21ª Adding New Plugins
Less 22ª A Final Look at Plugins, Setting up contact form 7
Less 23 ª

Sidebars and Widgets

Less 24 ª Navigations Menu
Less 25ª Backing up and transferring your content
Less 26ª Upgrading WordPress